Measuring To The Nearest Inch Worksheets 2nd Grade

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Measuring To The Nearest Inch Worksheets 2nd Grade How It Works To find the nearest half inch measurement kids need to measure the length using a ruler or measuring tape and round the measurement to the nearest half inch For example if the length measured is 2 3 inches the closest half inch size would be 2 5 inches If the length measured 2 6 inches the nearest half inch measurement would

A measure to the nearest 1 4 inch worksheet contains exercises that allow kids to measure the value of things closest to but not exceeding the nearest quarter inch This worksheet helps young students learn skills that are helpful in many situations such as creating or crafting something when there is a need to be precise with measurements Worksheet 1 Given a ruler image and a line write the measurement to the nearest half inch Worksheet 2 Given a ruler image and a line write the measurement to the nearest quarter inch Worksheet 3 Color the ruler in to show the given measurement to the nearest half inch

Measuring To The Nearest Inch Worksheets 2nd Grade


Measuring To The Nearest Inch Worksheets 2nd Grade


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Measuring To The Nearest 1 2 Inch Worksheets

92 3 50 PDF Challenge your students ability to the measure to the nearest half inch and quarter inch with these task cards designed to practice identifying the lengths of objects placed off the zero lined up to a place other than the 0 inch mark on the ruler The set includes 2 reference sheets 32 task This is an extensive unit on linear measurement In these activities students will measure to the nearest 1 4 inch centimeter and millimeter They will also practice converting measurements and choose the best unit of measure Product includes 6 projects and activities 10 worksheets including a sort 2 games which would be perfect for math

This math worksheet covers measuring objects to the nearest inch Students won t need their own ruler for this worksheet as the ruler is printed directly onto the page This individual practice page includes 8 questions across 2 pages An answer key is included with your download to make grading fast and easy This measurement resource was designed to give your students an opportunity to use a physical ruler to measure different pictures For this activity students will measure each card to the nearest inch record their answer on the recording sheet and match it with the appropriate card Through this activity students will show they can

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Browse Printable 2nd Grade Measuring in Inch Worksheets Award winning educational materials designed to help kids succeed Start for free now kids measure the length and width of their hand and the length of their fingers to the nearest inch or half inch 2nd grade Math Worksheet Using a Ruler Answers 1 4 inches 2 3 inches 1 3 2 inches 4 4 3 3 inches 4 5 1 1 inches 2 1 6 3 inches 4 7 8 9 Online reading math for K 5

Learn to measure lengths with a ruler to the nearest quarter one fourth inch A lesson for about 3rd grade grades 2 4 First we use a special ruler that shows the 1 4 1 2 and 3 4 inch marks only and measure some lines Then we draw lines of specific lengths and find those same marks on the regular ruler among all the other little lines Measuring in inches worksheets are well structured with both easy and complicated exercises for students to gain an in depth understanding of measuring scalar quantities in inches It also has pre solved sample problems for students to learn the step by step process through given examples


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Measuring To The Nearest Inch Worksheets 2nd Grade - Measuring to the nearest inch can be challenging for some students This set of 20 task cards will allow your students to practice reading rulers and measuring items of different lengths To complete this activity cut out task cards and place them around the room for an engaging gallery walk Students can walk around and solve each task