Long O Worksheets 2nd Grade

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Long O Worksheets 2nd Grade Take the word home Not only does home have a long o sound it s also spelled with an o e one of the several spellings o e o ow oa oe of the sound Begin the excitement with our free long o worksheets Writing Long O Words

Browse Printable 2nd Grade Long O Short O Worksheets Award winning educational materials designed to help kids succeed Start for free now There are 5 ways to spell Long O o like n o o e like h o m e oa like b oa t ow like b ow oe like t oe The long vowel O sound can be heard at the beginning o pen middle p o ny or end of a word n o Long O sound can be spelled with a silent e VCe pattern a vowel team in an open syllable or in a closed syllable exception

Long O Worksheets 2nd Grade


Long O Worksheets 2nd Grade


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Long O Short O worksheets Discover a variety of free printable resources for Grade 2 Reading Writing teachers to help students master the long and short O sounds in a fun and interactive way grade 2 Long O Short O Long o short o 16 Q 2nd Short and Long o 10 Q 2nd short o 10 Q KG 2nd Short vowel sounds 25 Q KG 2nd The letter O has various uses and sounds Long short O worksheets help children learn to differentiate the sounds O makes and when to use them With color by short vowel pages long vowel practice sheets and plenty of activities to entertain these printables make learning the alphabet fun

In this spelling worksheet kids explore different ways to spell the long o sound in common sight words They will be asked to use words with long vowels to complete fill in the blank sentences using a word bank Perfect for second graders this writing activity highlights letter sound relationships Download Free Worksheet 1 Word Sort similar to sorts from Words Their Way where the student can sort words by short o long o patterns or match pairs tot tote 2 Matching Pictures and Words 2 pgs on download 3 Flip A Word add the silent e to change short o words to long o words draw a picture to accompany each long o word 4 What s the Missing Word

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About These Long O Sound Worksheets This set contains 12 printable pages where students will work with words containing the vowel teams oa oe and ow Each one will have a long O sound within the word Students will complete words and color pictures while identifying the missing letters These pages might fit into your second or third grade These pdf long o worksheets are appropriate for kids in grade 1 and grade 2 Matching Pictures to Their Long O Names Tracing Words Instruct kids in 1st grade to match each picture to its long o name Let them as additional practice trace out each word so they perfect the long o words Grab the Worksheet Unscrambling Long O Words

Vowel Digraph OO Words The printable phonics worksheets on this page were designed to help you teach students to read words with the short and long oo sounds The letters oo can make two sounds The short oo sound can be heard in the word book The long oo sound can be heard in the word boot Using 2nd grade long vowels worksheets students can master these vowels and the sounds they make With read and find pages a long I challenge and silent E printables 2nd grade long vowels worksheets prepare children for reading at a 3rd grade level and beyond Educational Tools Learning Library


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Long O Worksheets 2Nd Grade

Long O Worksheets 2nd Grade - Find Long o Words Worksheet Spelling 2nd Grade Spelling Long o Spelling Worksheets Find Long o Words Worksheet Search for words with the long o sound in books and then write them on the lines Download Send Suggestion Report Issue