8th Grade Comprehension Worksheets

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8th Grade Comprehension Worksheets 8th Grade Reading Worksheets 8th grade students are a special bunch They often behave as though they are too cool for school yet they keep coming back Ha ha We love them This page has all of my reading worksheets that were written at or around the 8th grade level

Printable 8th Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets Click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key Pickwick s Proposition Reading Passage From The Pickwick Papers This was the first novel written by Charles Dickens Pickwick s Proposition Reading Passage Page 2 Your students may need to read this several times 141 filtered results 8th grade Reading Show interactive only Sort by Reading Comprehension The Adventure Begins Worksheet The Gold and Salt Trade Worksheet Targeted Reading Skills Practice Figurative Language in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe Worksheet Informational Reading Comprehension Biography of George Washington Carver Worksheet

8th Grade Comprehension Worksheets


8th Grade Comprehension Worksheets


8th Grade Comprehension Worksheets


Eighth Grade Reading Worksheets Reading comprehension worksheets

Below are 10 reading comprehension worksheets and tests that are accurately measured to fit the 8th grade level Three Branches Topic Three Branches Lexile level 920 Num of questions 7 Types of questions Identifying the main topic and key ideas Identifying the author s point of view Cause and effect comprehension Facts vs opinions inference 819 filtered results 8th grade Show interactive only Sort by Reading Comprehension The Adventure Begins Worksheet Commonly Confused Words 1 Interactive Worksheet Figurative Language Handout Worksheet Research Graphic Organizer Winter Holidays Around the World Worksheet Winter Hink Pink Riddles Worksheet Fix It Editing Practice Worksheet

Download 8th Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets Scholastic Download 8th Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets FILTERS READING COMPREHENSION Cause and Effect Compare and Contrast Context Clues Drawing Conclusions Fact and Opinion Main Idea and Details SEE ALL STANDARDS Common Core TYPE Assessment Tools Classroom Management and Teacher Tools 8th Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets 65 results found Sort by Most Popular x Reading Comprehension x 8th Grade x Worksheets GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS Who Am I Character Traits Worksheet Extends students learning experience reading literature Students will use this printable worksheet to describe in Subjects Reading Reading Comprehension

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Free Printable Reading Worksheets for 8th Grade Reading Writing Worksheets Discover a vast collection of free printable resources for Grade 8 students designed to enhance their reading comprehension and writing skills in an interactive way grade 8 Reading Recommended Topics for you Early Literacy Alphabet Reading Comprehension Strategies 7 Click on the printer icon on the PDF Viewer to print the worksheet Safari users right click on the worksheet and choose print Viewer not working Click here to download the PDF file A printable reading comprehension worksheet with questions and answers for the eighth grade Lexile level 920 and a total of 7 questions

8th Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets Encouraging eighth grade readers to delve deep into the text to unearth jewels of human understanding author s purpose knowledge and layers of meaning makes our reading comprehension passages a multifaceted process Our free printable reading comprehension worksheets for grade 8 provide meatier material for students to bolster their reading and reasoning skills A mix of fictional and informational texts ensure reading is at its widest and most fascinating


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8th Grade Reading Comprehension

8th Grade Comprehension Worksheets - Reading Comprehension Strategies worksheets for Grade 8 are a must have for any teacher looking to improve their students reading abilities Quizizz a popular online platform for creating and sharing educational quizzes offers a wide range of resources for teachers including Reading Comprehension Strategies worksheets for Grade 8