Long U Worksheets Grade 2

Long U Worksheets Grade 2 Letter Stampers Students will have fun with this phonics activity forming the words with letter stampers Kindergarten and 1st Grade View PDF We have a large selection of worksheets for teaching students about the long u vowel sounds Words in this set include use unicorn cube and music

Download Print All About Long U In our previous long vowel posts we ve consistently said that the rule for long vowels is long vowels say their name Long a says like acorn Long e says like e qual Long i says like i ce Long o says like o cean Long u says yoo like u nicorn OR oo like r u ler Long U Short U worksheets for Grade 2 are essential tools for teachers to help their students develop a strong foundation in reading writing grammar and phonics These worksheets focus on teaching the different sounds of the vowels specifically the long and short U sounds By incorporating these worksheets into their lesson plans teachers

Long U Worksheets Grade 2


Long U Worksheets Grade 2


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Short Sound Search Say the name of the picture Circle the term within the stream of letter that are presented to you Long Word Search Underline the Long U words in the story and write them on the lines Only write each word once Skunk Shoes Igloo Cut out the pictures Glue them next to the correct u sound words Short u Worksheet Sort the Short Vowels Worksheet Long Vowel Quiz Worksheet Short Vowels Quiz Worksheet Long Vowel U Worksheet Learning Long Vowels A to U Worksheet Short Vowel Sounds U Worksheet Long U Challenge Worksheet Short Vowel Bingo Worksheet Sounding It Out Short U

Our long u worksheets pdfs are appropriate for children in grade 1 and grade 2 Identifying Words That Contain Long U Get the long u show on the road with a supremely likeable coloring long u sound activity set Instruct in 1st grade kids to read the picture names identify which of them contain a long u sound and color all such pictures 2nd grade Long U Short U Show interactive only Sort by Long and Short Vowel Review Interactive Worksheet Short Vowel Bingo Worksheet Long U Challenge Worksheet 1 Browse Printable 2nd Grade Long U Short U Worksheets Award winning educational materials designed to help kids succeed Start for free now

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Write ue ui and ew at the top Have students name words with the long a sound as you write each word in the correct column Some words to suggest if your children get stuck are argue blue clue cue duel bruise fruit drew flew jewel and screw About These Long U Sound Worksheets Long U Vowel Sound Worksheets for Kids Long U vowel sound worksheets will help your child practice the vowel sound of the long U Children will find the long U words and color them which will help them differentiate between the long U and the short U vowel sound Get started now to add fun to your child s ELA practice Personalized Learning

Answer Keys Here The long vowel U is sounded out just as the word you Long vowels are pronounced in the same way that their letters are pronounced This sound has the least number of common ways to make the sound Long U can be found in words like unicorn and unique but they can also be found in multiple syllable words such as dual and uniform ID 1712344 06 12 2021 Country code BS Country Bahamas School subject Reading 1061920 Main content Phonics 2026765 Identify the long u sound from auditory and visual cues Other contents Classwork Homework Loading ad Share Print Worksheet Finish Loading ad Identify the long u sound from auditory and visual cues


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Long U Worksheets Grade 2 - Short A 2 7 games 1 interactive story 5 printable worksheets Download all 5 Grade Not only do kids practice reading a slew of long u words on this phonics worksheet they also work on handwriting skills and vocabulary too