Harriet Tubman Worksheet 1st Grade

Harriet Tubman Worksheet 1st Grade Results for harriet tubman first grade 245 results Sort by Relevance View List Harriet Tubman Flipbook for 1st 2nd Grade Social Studies Black History Month by Tiny Teaching Shack 4 9 24 4 00 PDF Do you need meaningful first and second grade social studies resources

Historical Heroes Harriet Tubman is designed for a third grade social studies curriculum Download Free Worksheet See in a set 10 View answer key Add to collection Add to assignment Grade Third Grade Subject Reading Writing Reading Seasonal Social studies History Reading Genres and Types Black History Month Women s History Month Key Facts Information PERSONAL AND EARLY LIFE DEATH AND LEGACY Harriet Tubman Worksheets Harriet Tubman was an African American abolitionist humanitarian and during the American Civil War a Union spy She was born into slavery and Tubman was able to escape as well help seventy friends and family escape from slavery as well

Harriet Tubman Worksheet 1st Grade


Harriet Tubman Worksheet 1st Grade


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Spelling 1 2 games 11 online exercises 5 printable worksheets Download all 5 Grade Meet Harriet Tubman a true American hero who devoted her whole life to caring for and protecting others 4th Grade 327 Content Types Worksheet 2 945 If you are looking for a Harriet Tubman worksheet this free printable is perfect The first page lists important parts of Harriet Tubman s life in a timeline and the second page has kids complete the sentences using the information from the timeline

Harriet Tubman an animated social studies resource page with lesson plans and teaching tips Kindergarten to 3rd grade students discusses slavery the Underground Railroad and abolitionists 1 worksheet for students to reflect on Harriet Tubman s vision of how she wanted the world to change 1 printable to describe Harriet Tubman s positive character traits perseverance determination fairness courage 1 Venn diagram worksheet for students to compare the similarities and differences between their life and Harriet Tubman s life

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Harriet Tubman Activities For Kids


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This Harriet Tubman and The Underground Railroad Lesson Plan is suitable for 1st Grade First graders discuss Black History month and read a book about The Underground Railroad In this history lesson 1st graders discuss and answer questions as the book is read and complete a worksheet about their feelings and reactions to the book Teaching resource Harriet Tubman Comprehension Worksheet Updated 10 May 2023 Uncover facts about Harriet Tubman with a Reading Passage and Comprehension worksheet Editable Google Slides Non Editable PDF Pages 1 Page Curriculum CCSS TEKS Grades 3 5 Download Preview File Get inspired

Harriet Tubman was a brave woman who lived as an enslaved person in the United States long ago The book Harriet Tubman describes the courageous actions she took to help other enslaved people The book can also be used to help students determine an author s purpose for writing and understand the proper use of past tense verbs Biography Harriet Tubman Go here to watch a video about Harriet Tubman Biography Occupation Nurse Civil Rights Activist Born 1820 in Dorchester County Maryland Died March 10 1913 in Auburn New York Best known as A leader in the Underground Railroad Biography Where did Harriet Tubman grow up


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Harriet Tubman Worksheet 1st Grade - These worksheets explore the people and events of Underground Railroad including Harriet Tubman Levi Coffin John Fairfield the Abolitionist Movement and the Fugitive Slave Acts Get Free Worksheets In Your Inbox Print The Underground Railroad Worksheets Click the buttons to print each worksheet and associated answer key