Free Printable Shadow Work Worksheet

Free Printable Shadow Work Worksheet Shadow Work Exercises 1 Identify Your Own Shadow Anything we deny as being part of us becomes unconscious This makes your shadow self difficult to spot However you can still identify your shadow self using Shadow projection Shadow projection is when the ego self image projects rejected unconscious traits onto the world

This FREE Shadow Work Journal PDF is printable and also easily downloads as a PDF from any computer In Jungian psychology Carl Jung said The shadow is the negative side of the ego it is our inner devil the personification of evil He also said Knowing your shadow self is vital if you wish to bring harmony into your life What is shadow work The term shadow work refers to the practice of working through and learning to forgive your shadow self Your shadow self is the side of you that you tend to hide from others and keep out of sight hence the name

Free Printable Shadow Work Worksheet


Free Printable Shadow Work Worksheet


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As you use this deep shadow work journal to illuminate your shadow self your conscious self is made aware of vulnerabilities fears and unconscious habits that have been directed by the negative aspects of your shadow Why Should I Do Shadow Work 44 Printable Pages for doing Shadow Work Everything you need for your 14 day Shadow Work challenge to guide you through the process from how tos daily prompts and worksheets Daily Shadow Work Prompts to help you discover and explore aspects of your Shadow Self

Download this Entire Mindfulness Worksheet for Free Just Enter Your First Name and Email Address Download this Entire Mindfulness Worksheet for Free Most people have a hard time facing their negative side especially those of us interested in meditation self development or spirituality Working With The Shadow Carl Jung may have died in 1961 but his work continues to be directly influential on our understanding of the human psyche especially when it comes to transpersonal psychology You may be thinking that is something you ve never heard of and definitely don t fw

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In this uniquely deep and compassionate book you ll learn how to befriend your shadows through the power of mindful shadow work so that you can reclaim the joy and healing that is your birthright Buy Now As authors and psychotherapists Steve Wolf and Connie Zweig note What is the Shadow The shadow is the dark side of our personality because it consists chiefly of primitive negative human emotions and impulses like rage envy greed selfishness desire and the striving for power However we cut ourselves off from many of our best qualities too

The purpose of shadow work is to dive deep into our subconscious to find any hidden emotions or feelings that are blocking us from reaching our highest potential We all have shadow parts of ourselves positive or negative that we d rather not share with others SHADOW SELF WORKBOOK Illuminate Your Dark Side L U N A S O L Table of Contents Introduction Exercise 1 Playing Small Exercise 2 Self Judgment Exercise 3 Negatives and Positives Exercise 4 Emotional Suppression Exercise 5 Self Love Letter Exercise 6 Hot Buttons Exercise 7 Family Members Exercise 8 Tolerance of Beliefs


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Free Printable Shadow Work Worksheet - Shadow work a form of psychotherapy also known as transpersonal therapy or therapeutic regression helps people heal from their past traumas But for it to work the person must open up their mind to the possibility of repressed memories