Consonant Blends Worksheets For Grade 1

Consonant Blends Worksheets For Grade 1 Words in this set include clap clown clover clam clip clothes and climb Consonant Blend Cr Practice the cr consonant blend with this collection of printables You ll find a variety of writing worksheets cut and paste lessons printable card sorting games and and build a word activities

Grade 1 Spelling lists Consonants blends Spelling words two consonants Words with nk ch ph wh Students trace copy and spell lists of spelling words containing the consonant blends nk ch ph wh for example bank much phone why nk words Worksheet 1 ch words Worksheet 2 ph words Worksheet 3 wh words Worksheet 4 Similar Grades K 12 Kindergarten 1st Grade CCSS Code s RF K 2 D RF 1 3 A Consonant Blends Create BR Words With this helpful learning resource students will be asked to create four words that begin with the letter combination BR such as brown break brawl and brand Students will enjoy getting creative as they come up with fun unique words

Consonant Blends Worksheets For Grade 1


Consonant Blends Worksheets For Grade 1


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The exercises in these consonant blends worksheets for first grade will give children many more examples of consonant blends words that contain blends and how to pronounce them If your children need more examples of consonant blends give them some more words and have them repeat after you Download Print All About Consonant Blends Consonant blends are two or three consonant letters next to each other with no vowels in between Each consonant sound phoneme can be heard in a consonant blend Blends are sometimes called consonant clusters because the consonants are clustered together with no vowels between

Using the Worksheets Included are five free easy to download pdf worksheets with colorful pictures They each focus on various skills so students can practice as they sort words read sentences and fill in the blank Kids will practice consonant BL and BR blends In isolation By building words with these blends About this Worksheet Help your young student practice his consonant blends with this worksheet She ll write blends to match a fun picture then identify blends in a series of sentences The worksheet follows the Common Core Standards for Phonological Awareness for first grade Other grades may also find it useful Click to View Print Worksheet

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Our consonant blends worksheets are ideal for kids in kindergarten grade 1 and grade 2 Identifying Consonant Blend BR Kindergarten and 1st grade kids are tasked with coloring the fruit that contain words with the consonant blend br in these printable consonant blend worksheets This set of printouts lets kids explore words with consonant blends using fun themes and colorful images Each page asks kids to choose from a list of consonant blends and fill in the blank spaces in the words Finally kids will draw a line to match the completed words with the pictures Download all 18 Click on a worksheet in the set below

Level Grade 1 Language English en ID 1775761 06 01 2022 Country code PH Country Philippines School subject English as a Second Language ESL 1061958 Main content Consonant Blends 2004133 Consonant blends can often be found at the beginning or end of words A consonant blend is made up of two or more consonants next to each other in a word where those combined consonants make a distinct sound such as fl in flower or br in bread In these worksheets students circle each consonant blend that starts the pictured word Worksheet 1 Worksheet 2 Worksheet 3 Worksheet 4 Worksheet 5 Worksheet 6


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Consonant Blends Worksheets For Grade 1 - Consonant blends Grade 1 Spelling List nk words ch words ph words wh words bank much phone why link such photo what pink rich dolphin when sink each phonics where thank bench alphabet wheel bunk which elephant white drink branch orphan which blank march nephew whale ff words